Feedlot Program

Our liquid products can help control dust, prevent sorting at the bunk, and act as a reliable carrier to bring added nutrients to the ration in a consistent, convenient, and cost-saving manner. From starter rations to finishing rations, Westway Feed Products has a liquid component that can assist in maximizing the potential of your feedlot cattle.

We offer:

  • Custom Blends
  • Suspensions
  • Commodities
  • Stress Mix
  • Fly Control

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Custom Blends

These blends can be custom tailored by the feedlot nutritionist to fit the specific situation that a particular group of cattle may have.

These blends can be as simple as two ingredients that provide protein and/or energy or more complex by adding protein, energy, vitamins, minerals, and other additives such as enzymes or Ionophores.


These products can be utilized when there is a need to hold some dry ingredients in suspension in the liquid mix.

Usually, these ingredients are not necessarily soluble but need to be suspended in order to get them evenly dispersed in the ration. Along with dry ingredients such as calcium, cotton seed meal, etc. you can bring in vitamin and mineral packages as well along with any enzymes or ionophores that are needed or desired.


Westway Feed Products supplies a variety of liquid commodity ingredients to the feedlot industry.

We offer whey, distillers solubles, corn steep liquor, glycerin, and more.

Each commodity can be utilized to enhance a feedlot ration’s nutritional value to a ration in an economical manner.

Stress Mix

Westway can provide stressed cattle solutions thru our many liquid carriers.

These can be provided with enhanced vitamins and minerals that young, stressed cattle require upon arrival at the feedlot in order to keep them healthy and get their rumens activated properly and get them on feed quickly to avoid sickness and death loss.

These products are extremely palatable so cattle take to them readily and get on full feed quickly.

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Good company to work with. They’re dependable. The people we work with day-to-day are very accommodating. Their service, delivery, and products work very well for us.
Scott Hall, owner of Circle Three Feed Yards