Dairy Program

dairy liquid feed supplements

Westway Feed Products provides liquid supplements and products to help your dairy cattle better utilize forage in your silage, TMR and hay offering.

Working with your nutritionist and/or our staff, we can help to design a ration that provides appropriate levels of protein, energy, vitamins, minerals and sugar sources.

We offer:

  • Sugar Blends
  • Protein Blends
  • Custom Blends
  • Fly Control Options
  • Suspension Products
    Ration Conditioner: Fresh-Guard
  • Dried Molasses

Introducing the latest in dairy nutrition…

RumaWAY systematic dairy nutrition

Overview of RumaWAY Products

In this video, Blaine Blackburn and Dr. Tony Tucker introduce our new product: RumaWAY, a systematic dairy nutrition program. Together they explain LAUNCH, CHARGE 4, and CHARGE 6 products.

The benefits of each product’s specific purpose, the RumaWAY products offer benefits of added sugars, reduced sorting, improved dry matter intake, higher rumen pH / healthier rumen and improved milk production.

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