Ranching never stops. Neither should your nutritional program.

Annualized Nutrition is a systematic approach to your herd's nutrition through molasses-based supplement.


Annualized Nutrition is a systematic approach to your cowherd’s nutrition. By managing your cows for optimum body condition and nutrition levels throughout the year, you can gain added results in pregnancy rates, calf performance and herd health.

How can you provide proper nutrition on an annualized basis and how do these systems work?

By having self-fed, free choice products such as liquid feed products and tub supplements available year round for your herd.

Nutrient Partitioning in Post-partum cows:

  • Basal Metabolism
  • Activity
  • Growth – especially important for first calf heifers
  • Basic energy reserves
  • Established pregnancy maintenance
  • Lactation
  • Additional energy reserves – BCS important
  • Estrus cycles and pregnancy initiation

The Vera Earl Ranch, nestled in the Sonoita Valley, uses an annualized nutrition program for their cow/calf operation. Ian Tomlinson, the owner of the Vera Earl, talks about their breed-up percentages before and after using an annualized nutrition program.