History of Westway

Origin Story


Westway Trading Corporation originated in the 1940s, starting as an Industrial Molasses Company in the Northeast as a family-owned molasses trading business. Since then, Westway has evolved from just supplying molasses into the liquid feed and bulk liquid storage business in collaboration with ED&F Man.

Following an initial strategic partnership in the early 1990s, Westway came under full ownership of ED&F Man in 1995. Under the umbrella of ED&F Man, Westway followed a path of growth and diversification. Additionally, we made a number of strategic investments in bulk liquid storage capacity and liquid feed manufacturing capabilities.

history of westway, molasses, liquid feed, cattle, angus cow, lick tank
history of westway, molasses, liquid feed, cattle, red angus cow, lick tank



Westway has successfully expanded its geographic footprint by growing the business organically and through acquisitions. With the acquisition of the Cargill Molasses business in 1997 and the purchase of Tate & Lyle PLC’s United Molasses Company in 2002, Westway has expanded its operations to include 25 manufacturing facilities in North America.


Our history is taking co-products from other industries that literally used to go into creeks, rivers, and, in some cases, into the oceans… and not only do we take it off their hands but we take that utilizing it in such a way that it creates food.

Rob Brock, President of Westway Feed Products