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As an anionic pre-fresh liquid, RumaWAY LAUNCH is designed to lower the DCAD level of the pre-fresh diet to aid in the prevention of milk fever.

LAUNCH combines the benefits of molasses with a negative DCAD in an easy-to-use liquid product that complements dairy rations.

We deliver liquid feed solutions.

Why RumaWAY® LAUNCH is the Right Choice for Your DCAD Program!

Improved Palatability

LAUNCH ensures better intake due to its enhanced palatability.

Boost Post-Calving Performance

LAUNCH can boost milk production after calving by improving dry matter intake.

Targeted Health Benefits

LAUNCH helps prevent low blood calcium levels (hypocalcemia) and supports overall cow health by reducing risks of complications like ketosis.

RumaWAY® LAUNCH: Your Partner in Dairy Nutrition!

Dr. Andy Mueller introduces you to RumaWAY Launch in the YouTube video!

RumaWAY® LAUNCH: For Prefresh Cows

Read more about RumaWAY LAUNCH, written by our Dairy Technical Team, on Dairy Herd Management.

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