I am Terry Stone, past president of the Big River Cattleman’s Association and a cattleman in Calhoun County Florida. On October 10, 2018, we had a hurricane hit our area with devastation that had never been seen before. Homes, barns, and fences were destroyed in 6 Florida Counties and several Alabama and Georgia Counties. To say that we were overwhelmed is an understatement. After securing our homes and families our attention turned to our livestock.

With fences destroyed and no winter grazing planted and our last cutting of hay gone, we were in dire circumstances. Help was slow in coming except from one individual and company that was Westway and our RepJosh Mcinturf. Josh came to our area, surveyed the damage and knew the need that was here. Through the generous donation of Westway lick tubs, our cattle not only received needed nutrition, but were content and satisfied which gave us invaluable time to begin repairing and replacing our fences.

I am emailing each of you to thank you from all of us affected for being there when we needed help the most.

Terry Stone

Hurricane Michael